August 3, 2014


Hi there <3 I hope that You are having a lovely weekend filled with harmony and joy. <3

On Friday 8-8 we have the powerful and intense Lions Gate, which will assist us in integrating and grounding more Light, that is so profoundly flowing in Now. I can really feel the intensity, and it is increasing in every moment, so I have opened up to the energy of this gateway. I feel the hyperness that comes with taking in more Light, the new ideas/inspiration, the bodily stuff such as buzzing/swirling of energy within etc. 

Many are starting a new chapter in life, August is bringing many new opportunities indeed, the old is crumbling with all its outdated beliefs, and we are shifting/stepping up in frequency, and there is no going back if we have made this conscious choice of embracing the New. 
We are balancing and merging our inner polarities beautifully, Balance is everything, it is the key to pure true Love, freedom, expansion... everything;)
We are co-creating the New, through our inner unique Spark, we are truly starting to do this in a grand way, as Soul Families are now starting to co-Create here in the physical. We are bringing in a way of living which is in alignment and harmony with the principles of Nature, and of course- something that has never been here before. 

All this is a conscious choice, and comes trough a willingness to be open and receive the opportunities that are beyond the expected and absolutely amazing and magical. Nothing comes without us BEing open and willing to embrace it, in all its beauty and nakedness, without any old expectations and beliefs. So intend absolute wonder, think/see big!, loves, we are to open up to- and embrace fully a grander way of living here on the planet. Open up to Divine abundance, surprises, and Magic;)
As we hold the Love and Light of the New Earth- we are manifesting it in our lives, and this then ripples out to whomever is ready to step up and experience it too. 

By us flowing, Creating, and expanding with this Light that is emerging from within us and we are being showered with- we are/will also assist others to make the choice to align with and work with this Light. Enjoy all this rapidness, enjoy your Soul Alchemy. Listen and trust your true heart, your inner guidance/feelings. FOCUS on what You desire, release within Love the rest. Creator Beings ;)

I Love You <3

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