July 18, 2014


The more we simplify our lives/ourselves, and connect to our Core, the less distracted we will be, and the more we will amplify the Light of Truth, and live in the Light of our Soul awareness. It may be easy for many beings to get distracted in life, there is always a constant flow of external info/opportunities/situations etc. that can distract our path of living as- and being our authentic Self in this reality. Of course everyone go through what is needed to BEcome more conscious and aware as a being, but we always have a choice and the opportunity to live as our True/Divine Self, to- through a conscious choice and openness, take the road in life that brings us Home. To truly and fully listen and go with our true heart, our feelings/inner guidance, and not lower mind/egoic tendencies.

The key is to bring simplicity to all levels of our BEing. We are to enjoy and let pure Love flow through us in every moment, within deep presence, awareness, and centeredness - this brings such a beautiful sense of contentment and bliss. Stay grounded, calm, conscious, and focused <3 BEing centered, authentic, and in the moment whatever the task. Every task/doing is to be embraced, enjoyed, savored, and experienced with presence and grace. 

Wishing You a Happy Friday and a lovely weekend, enjoy it as much as possible within deep presence and groundedness:)

I Love You <3

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