July 1, 2014


Happy Magical blissful amazing July, Beloved Ones <3
Oh my!, already July, this year is flying by:)) omg, did that rime nicely or what? Lol <3
Let's stay Open, Centered, and without expectations as we move into this second part of 2014. 

First of all, let us take a moment to pause and reflect, really acknowledge and celebrate how much we have accomplished and expanded so far. It is truly amazing. <3

I AM having a feeling that this will be a phase of intense shifts/changes and happenings on a personal and on a collective level. A wave of profound Creative energy is starting to flow over us Now, and this will bring us beautiful opportunities to start Creating what we desire on a Soul level- what we desire/feel in our pure true heart. It feels important to stay deeply present, grounded and conscious as we move into the New Now as the co-Creating Masters we are in Truth, we are to find Balance in all areas. Many things will start to set in motion and start to manifest/materialize that which we have been Creating within us, so we are to BE deeply connected to our inner at all times, as we start to "plant these New seeds for us", and take beautiful action with a clear intention and focus. There might be profound changes within us and also around us on all levels. We are to let go completely of the old, wether it is a belief (we are only bound to that which we perceive to be true) or something tangible. Integrate and embody the New in the Now, the New brings a deep sense of Lightfulness and Brightness, it brings us excitement in growing and expanding, observe and decide in which direction to move about, and release with Love what no longer serves us/bring us upliftment. 
Embrace this energy of Light that bring us opportunities that are in accordance with our intentions. Remember that those things that stays deeply and firmly anchored in our heart, those precious and rare things that bring us a feeling of DEEP joy/calm/excitement/Soul Bliss- they are True, pure, and Real. Follow it completely and fearlessly. 

Together in One Divine Love, as we embody more and more of our Divine Self- we through our merging of the feminine-masculine within us ignite the third energy which is the Creative energy- the Life Force itself, and this Love-Light Bubble around our whole BEing emanates out around this whole planet, cosmos and beyond.. <3

Wishing You a most wonderful time ahead. Enjoy it within pure true Love, dear hearts. May You feel blissful, harmonious, and safe. So much Love, blessings and miracles to You. Listen and Trust your feelings/heart within deep groundedness and by staying centered.

I Love You <3

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