July 12, 2014


Happy Full Moon/Super Moon in Capricorn <3

As always, the Full Moon is the culmination of what we started two weeks ago at the New Moon. On this journey of ever unfolding, growing, expanding, learning and BEcoming, as a Self conscious being- we have Now come to this highly emotional time of deep embodiment, that is focusing on our relationships, our roots, Family, connections, romance, sensuality, and fertilization. 
I feel that this time is about the gathering of our Core Soul Group Families (a group of 12 Souls/"Bubbles" of perfectly harmonious yin-yang essences, Divine feminine-masculine polarities balanced as One). We are being, through joy, magnetized and pulled together to work as One for the higher good of All, and bring together/combine our uniqueness, powers and knowledge to take Mother Gaia to a New level. 

It is a time for profound revelations, epiphanies, and clarity, if we stay open, conscious, and in a surrendered mode. We may feel aspirational and have a sense of good Self esteem in this period, we are so very graceful and gentle, no bragging/immature games. 
We feel the urgent need to express our feelings in a deep way (in a mature, loving, kind, and caring way of course).

With the Full Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer- we are being asked by this polarity to find Balance. Balance and Mastery between and in our responsibilities/career and family, roots, nurturance, and home. Balance between our inner and the outer. In the New it is a conscious choice in every moment to align (through our inner/true heart/feelings) with our intentions and passions. As within so without (in the New, it is so as long as it is in accordance with the highest good of All, Divine Will, through a combined higher heart and higher mind, and Not egoic desires/tendencies coming from the lower mind and works through free will). Living in the New is about consciously choosing reality in every new Now moment. We are to ground ourselves into Mother Gaia, go Within, center ourselves in the present moment completely. In this, Balance is found, and we naturally Know (feel) where to focus in every moment so that we live with Balance between all our areas, aspects, and expressions. We are to Focus on and engage in what is truly worthy/important for us in our life, and release with Love the unnecessary tasks/interactions, if there are any.

We are here to Love and be Loved, as the individualized unique expressions of source. As the Creative Masters that we are in Truth- we are to Create with the highest vibration- pure true Love. We deeply feel that we Create and exist purely for the sake of Creating and existing. It brings our being Bliss beyond words to infinitely and eternally BEcome. We just Love the frequency of Joy, and as we Create in pure true Love- we simply do it for the enjoyment of it, as the Creative beings that we are. We are to let pure Love flow through us and into all we do. 
Enjoy this Super Moon, dear hearts. Stay calm, grounded, pure, and centered. Take time to relax, rest and just be, to process and integrate more easily this profound Shift that we are in. 

I Love You <3

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