July 29, 2014


Beloved Sparks <3 

Oh goodness, so much expansion on all levels, opening up the mind, opening up the heart, opening up to the authentic Self. We are in what feels like a space between the old and the new. A Void, a Shift. 
We are releasing/clearing what is left to clean from our past, so that we can embrace the present, the future, and the past in the Now, in Love, purity, and compassion. Our authentic Self is emerging beautifully. We just got to surrender fully and in Love- embrace every aspect, part, and particle of ourselves, no matter what it is and what doings/experiences we have had. We are to see through the lens of beautiful neutrality and compassion/understanding fully. As we surrender like this, we connect more to our core, our inner Spark, which is who we are and have been since the beginning of Creation.

So stay deeply present, surrender, listen, trust, and nurture yourself at this intense time. I feel that the body integration is intense, so rest is crucial, and to eat/drink pure. We are to dwell in this void, listen, ponder, contemplate.. It is needed if we are to be able to make the choices that is for our Highest Good in the New Now. So much amazingness is awaiting us, we are to open up, listen and trust our true heart, focus. Release/let go/pay no attention to all that is not desired in our lives. We Create from within. 

We are Remembering our natural state, we are remembering that we are Love, and are to BE Love expressed on Beloved Gaia. In this, we are bringing/bridging Heaven to earth. As above so below. As our authentic, natural Self, we see,hear,feel, and Know that this is so. It is just a matter of if we are open enough to feel it all. Fear is the only thing that keeps us in the "limited" version of this reality that we have Created. The New is absolutely amazing, blissful, and MAGICal, we are to only expect the unexpected, miracles and wonder. There are no limits, and if we so desire, our journey is to be filled with beauty, joy, happiness, plenty, and passion, as we experience, expand, grow, and learn on this eternal and infinite journey of BEcoming. We are Master BEings who's soul desire is to CREATE, and at this time here on Beloved Gaia, we are to follow our unique Creative passions fully.
We are to Enjoy BEing our Self, Create as the Masters that we are in truth. Make our Magic.

REMEMBER who You are, and what You are doing here <3

I Love You <3

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