March 30, 2014


Keep the intention, loose the expectations. If we didn't have intentions, where would we go?, nowhere. Our desires, feelings and intentions makes us move forward so that our Soul can experience what it desires to experience- meaning what Source desires to experience and accumulate knowledge of through its individualized aspects. A smooth way to follow our true inner desires which are to come from the knowing of the True Self (not from lower mind/egoic desire which will only give a very short term satisfaction) is to release the expectation how it will manifest, how the road to it should be, how it are to come into being, because if we expect a certain "path" we might miss out on what we really could experience and taste on the road to the intention because we are too blinded to really see and acknowledge it because we have a belief of how it "should play out". We therefor miss a big part of the desire; which is The Road To It;) If we can travel it in all its nakedness, purity, simplicity, and truthfulness- we will experience far greater things than we do by sticking to our expectations on how it should be (limiting ourselves and can't enjoy what is right there in front of us).

I feel that many times we are taking things all too serious, maybe it's meant to be light and playful?, and there we are breaking it down into micro pieces because of our need to grasp and "control" (expect) how it "should" be, and therefor totally ruins the fun in the traveling. Like the saying: "it is not in the destination, but the journey" - the journey is to be experienced by us staying Present <3 that way we will feel so much more satisfaction and joy. Let's face it, the Whole is constantly expanding, there will always be More- therefor always a new desire, eternally, because that's how the ONE expands, so if we do not enjoy the journey as is- we miss most of the experience, since the "goal" is but a steppingstone that sooner or later gives birth to a new desire.

I feel that our desire is something that can be enjoyed more too if we are open to what it really present us. A little example: if we desire a new flower to put on our porch- we have the intention, we know what we are looking for, we journey to a place where we can get it, we search and sometimes we will find what we are looking for, sometimes we will not, and sometimes we will find something even lovelier and totally "unexpected". If we are open and do not have a detailed expectation of what we intent- we might find something even better!, and by closing us down and walk in blindness because we are too stuck in "how it should manifest and look" we might miss something magical "hidden" in a "simple" presentation because we expect it too look like a bright shining diamond at first glance. Of course we will in overall always get what is in accordance to our unique journey, what I AM trying to say is that we might find it all much smoother, enjoyable, and nice pace vise- not in the sense that we must travel fast in any way, just meaning that we might not hit the same bumps over and over agin by us not getting it - when we have fully mastered and transcended the experience- we move on to a new level because we are ready for it.

By being more and more our True Self, bringing in higher Awareness, and staying Present- we will find that our journey will be a wonderful experience. We see everything as a chance to grow, learn, and expand through joy (inner freedom, balance, harmony, Love, and contentment, even in challenging situations) and creating from our inner <3

As always - All comes in perfect timing.

I Love You <3

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