March 26, 2014


Hi there!, amazing Ones <3 I do hope that You All are having a lovely and harmonious present moment:)We have had a few really beautiful, sunny days here, and the other day I dropped by the pond to see the ducks again. Their Beauty, and the Harmony between the two sweetherats sort of mesmerized me a bit <3 <3 They have such a lovely little paradise there, their own little piece of Heaven here on Gaia.

Beautiful and radiant Spring flowers have started to bloom <3

Crocuses are an ansient symbol of the Sun, and represent cheerfulness, lightfulness, and childlike delight.

Snowdrops symbolises hope.

I so Love to swirl around in the Sunlight <3

Wishing You a lovely day/night:) 
May it be filled with Love, Peace, Harmony, and whatever Your heart truly enjoys <3

May we Embrace the Change as we move deeper into the New. Let's flow... and grow, learn, remember, and expand through joy and creating as our True Self, and go with our Soul guidance <3 Let's honor, have Love, respect, compassion, and be Grateful for everyone who is here together with us at this time <3

Like my Beloved Sister in Love said earlier today: Let's expand more and more into the beautiful pure, simple beings of love that we are.

YES, this is exactly what we are doing at this time here on the planet <3


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