March 17, 2014


A new week is here, and as we had the Full Moon this night I AM feeling that this will be a powerful week with lots of expansion and changes in one way or another indeed. Wishing you all a lovely week filled with Love, Peace, Contentment, and Creativeness. Enjoy the New, Embrace the Change, loves;) 
On Thursday we have the March equinox so the energies are quite strong, and it increases in every moment. So if You feel the need in some moments to be in stillness and focus on Balance - honor it <3 
Winter came back again here, so now the crocuses are tenderly embraced by snow. May the beauty of these precious little drops of Love here on Gaia bring a smile to your heart for a moment <3

You are All so very amazing in your own unique way. As individualized source Sparks - we all have something to contribute with in a way that only oneSelf can. All are of Equal value, there is no judgement, there is no "right" or "wrong" way, All are on their own Soul journey, and depending on where we're at on this journey - we experience what we need for our Expansion. Of course we have the option to make a Conscious Choice in Every Moment to align with a higher way of Being, and grow, learn and expand through Joy and Creating.
Honor yourSelf and Everyone on your journey, this does not mean that we need to engage with everyone. Walk away when You have to. Listen to - and trust your true heart.

All in perfect Divine Timing, always.

I Love You <3

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